Pork Giniling with Quail Eggs

Pork Giniling with quail eggs is hearty, tasty, and sure to be a family favorite. Ready in minutes and cooks in one pan, this Filipino pork stew is perfect for busy weeknight dinners!

Why you’ll love Pork Giniling

  • It’s quick and easy to make; it’s ready in under 30 minutes and cooks in one pan. Perfect for busy weeknights!
  • It uses simple and economical ingredients you probably already have on hand. It’s a budget-friendly dish you’d want in your back pocket!
  • The recipe can be easily halved for two or doubled for a large party.
  • It makes for great leftovers. Store in airtight containers and they should keep well in the fridge for up to 3 days.
  • It’s hearty, tasty, and sure to be a family favorite. Plus the addition of quail eggs makes it fun to eat!


This pork giniling with quail eggs is slightly different from the recipe we also have in our recipe archive. Along with adding quail eggs, I also swapped the fresh tomatoes I usually use with tomato sauce and banana ketchup to add a hint of sweetness.

Both versions are equally delicious and are a satisfying meal that’s sure to hit the spot!

Cooking Tips

  • Cut the potatoes and carrots into a uniform size to ensure even cooking.
  • You can omit the banana ketchup and add more tomato sauce if you prefer to tone down the sweetness.
  • Add diced red and green bell peppers to boost color, texture, and nutrients.
  • Want to make it extra special for a party? Stir in 1/2 cup or so of pineapple tidbits.


Serving suggestions

  • Pork giniling is the ultimate comfort food! It’s delicious as a main dish for lunch or dinner with a side of steamed rice.
  • It also makes a tasty pandesal or sandwich bread filling for a midday merienda.
  • You can turn leftovers into an egg omellete for a hearty breakfast meal.

    Pork Giniling with Quail Eggs

    Giniling Baboy with quail eggs is easy to make for family dinners as well as special occasions. This Filipino ground pork stew is hearty, tasty, and delicious with steamed rice.

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