Pork Embutido

Pork Embutido is a Filipino-style meatloaf made with a festive mixture of ground pork, carrots, and raisins wrapped around slices of eggs and sausage. Steamed to perfection, they’re great for everyday dinner meals as well as special occasions. And freezable, too!

I have tweaked my pork embutido recipe many times over the years, experimenting and trying different additions (here’s looking at you, liver spread) until I finally arrived at that sweet spot of flavor and texture I’ve been looking for. If I may, ahem, say so myself, my version of embutido is always a party hit and a frequent request of family and friends. 🙂

What is Embutido

Embutido is a Filipino-style meatloaf made with ground pork, chicken or beef, shredded carrots, crushed pineapple or sweet pickle relish, and raisins.  The meat mixture is rolled around hard-boiled eggs and sausage into a cylindrical log and wrapped tightly in foil.

The foil-wrapped loaf is then steamed or baked in a water bath until cooked through and set. They can be served cold or lightly fried until golden brown.

Ingredient notes

  • Don’t skip browning the onions! This step caramelizes the onions, drawing out their natural sweetness.
  • I like the fruity sweetness of canned crushed pineapples but feel free to substitute sweet pickle relish if you like.
  • If banana ketchup is not available, you can use tomato sauce or ketchup.
  • You can add finely chopped red or green bell peppers along with the shredded carrots for color, texture, and extra nutritition.
  • You can also add shredded cheese if you want a touch of savory and creaminess.
  • I use vienna sausage for the stuffing, but Filipino hot dogs, Chinese sausage, and ham or luncheon meat strips will work, too.

Quick Tips

  • I use beaten eggs as a binder and skip the bread crumbs as I don’t like adding extenders and I find the embutido will hold it shape without them.
  • Make sure the meat is fully thawed and canned ingredients such as crushed pineapples are well-drained as the extra moisture might affect the loaf consistency.
  • Let the steamed meatloaves stand for about 10 minutes before opening the foil for the juices to redistribute, keeping the loaf moist.
  • Cool completely before frying and slicing so it won’t fall apart.


Embutido is usually reserved for holidays or fiestas due to its somewhat elaborate prep process, but I see no reason why you have to wait for a special occasion to make them. Not only can you easily double (or triple) the recipe, the steamed loaves will keep well in the freezer for up to 3 months and can be easily reheated for a quick meal.

Once or twice a month, I roll up my sleeves, roll up a dozen or so meatloaves, and store them in the freezer to have handy when craving hits. Keeping a steady supply in the freezer has certainly saved me from having to worry about dinner on busy weeknights or when I have unexpected guests.

Pork Embutido

Pork Embutido is perfect with steamed rice or mashed potatoes! With a colorful ground pork mixture rolled around hardboiled eggs and sausage and steamed to perfection, this Filipino-style meatloaf is as pretty as it is tasty!

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