Chicken Halang Halang

Chicken Halang Halang is easy to make yet delivers tons of flavor. It’s creamy, spicy, and delicious with steamed rice!

Ever since I was introduced to creamy and spicy I’ve been on the lookout for other dishes that share the same big, bold flavors. I am so excited to discover chicken halang halang and add it to my list of favorites on the blog!

What is halang halang

Halang Halang is Visayan dish, which literally means “spicy, spicy”.  Although similar to tinola in its use of ginger and papaya, it has added heat from chili peppers, a hint of citrusy flavor from lemongrass, and richness from coconut milk.

Like most dishes, there are different ways to make halang halang. While the recipe below is more popular in the Cebu region, other versions are flavored with soy sauce and vinegar instead of coconut milk.


Cooking tips

  • Not a fan of papaya? Swap with chayote or bamboo shoots.
  • I like to use bone-in chicken for extra depth of flavor but boneless thigh or breast meat will work as well.
  • For a smoother sauce, do not bring the coconut milk to a hard boil lest it curdles and separates.
  • To tame the heat, scrape off the seeds from the chili peppers before chopping.

Looking for more delicious chicken recipes? This recipe is easy to make and turns out super moist and flavorful. Make everyday  extra special with juicy pineapples; you’ll love the sweet and tangy flavors for sure!

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